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  • 57 Futures Markets
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  • 22230 Indicator interpretations*
  • 9.614304342E+14 Calculations per day

We calculate you the EXACT PROBABILITIES of certain moves to happen during the next trading day.

Get started for only $59/month
  • Our models show you which direction to take in each market. Use it as a trade filter or a system.
  • Our models show you which target will be hit with which probabilities.
  • We supply you the stop sizes/distances that are calculated for current market conditions to help you manage your risks.

We show you how well our system was working in the past. Check out our results any time inside the Members Area.

Get started for only $59/month
  • We assign the following probabilities to projected moves for the next trading day: 90%, 85%, 80%, 75%, 70%, 65%, 60%, 55%, 50%
  • Each day we assess which trades worked and which did not the previous trading day.
Based on our extensive research and testing, we determine by each market, which targets are the most likely to be hit the next day!

Example target distances for the Australian Dollar Futures market, for January 11, 2018 Trading day:

of winning
LONG TRADES: FTG Score (Daily), Greater than
0 10 20 30 40 50
of winning
SHORT TRADES: FTG Score (Daily), Less than
0 -10 -20 -30 -40 -50
What is the FTG Score? FTG stands for Futures Trading Guides. We put all our knowledge and calculations into an easy to understand number each day, that is the FTG Score. By using this score, you will be able to instantly decide the ruling market trend in the Short, Medium and Long-term and also make professional trading decisions on Entry, Target and Stop selection.
Trading with the FTG Methodology is easy
  1. After the close of the trading day we calculate the FTG Scores for the next trading day.
  2. We supply you price levels that are likely to be hit during the next trading day.
  3. We also supply you with stop levels and/or distances to help you manage your risk.
Check out our Members Area, where you can find the FTG Scores for today, along with the Targets and their respective Probabilities to be hit!

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Futures Trading Guides is a premium analysis service for active traders.

Its goal is to deliver the right perspective and mind set for effective day and swing trading.

Our purpose is to gather all the short and longer term technical picture each day for traders to save them time preparing for the trading day.

*Indicator interpretations mean, that we calculate technical indicator values with various parameters and their results we categorize into "bullish", "neutral" or "bearish". Then we sum up these interpretations to come up with combined scores, to help you understand current markets conditions through the higher (Daily, Weekly and Monthly) time-frames.